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Title: Absolute Power
Artist: PRO-PAIN
Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 7th May 2010
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

New York’s PRO-PAIN found their inception in 1992, serving a crossover mixture between Hardcore and Metal. Over the years, they have released eleven studio records, one live album and a cover edition. They have established themselves by touring extensively.

The first song, ‘Unrestrained’ is already a punch in the face, preparing the listeners for a typical hardcore record. ‘Destroy the Enemy’ begins in a pretty melodic way, but continues in a relatively slow, grooving manner. Except for some faster parts in the middle as well as a nice guitar solo, this song remains even and unspectacular. The successor, ‘Stand My Ground’, is constructed on a heavy riff, combined with remarkable shouts and some clean as well as whispered vocals in the chorus. Also, it seems to me as if PRO-PAIN are pepping up the usually pretty simply-constructed hardcore sound with technical and melodic elements.

Furthermore, ‘Road to Nowhere’ has a rather unusual harmony in the beginning, which reappears throughout the whole song. Also in this piece, some vocals for several voices are to be found as well as group chanting. After having listened to ‘AWOL’ I still do not know the meaning behind those words, but the crossover elements in the first moments (such as rap-like sung vocals or breakdowns) are not really my cup of tea. Also, some frequencies in the chorus reminded me of a drinking song. The following ‘Hell On Earth’ again possesses a unusual harmonic beginning, and with almost five minutes it remarks the longest song on ‘Absolute Power’ and is (compared to the other pieces) rather slow and rock-orientated.

The longest one is followed by the shortest one; ‘Divided We Stand’ is endued with a more rock n roll attitude and appears to be really catchy. ‘Gone Rogue (I Apologize)’does not make an exception in the style of music, whilst ‘Rise of the Antichrist’ again is endued with mostly harsh vocals and melodic guitar movements. The last song, ‘Hate Coalition’ serves as a not too memorably ending. I used to think that hardcore-orientated bands and albums were rather boring and uninventive. Yet this record is quite pleasantly listenable, since the band tries different not too common things.


01. Unrestrained
02. Destroy the Enemy
03. Stand my Ground
04. Road to Nowhere
05. AWOL
06. Hell on Earth
07. Divided we Stand
08. Gone Rogue (I Apologize)
09. Rise of the Antichrist
10. Hate Coalition


Gary Meskil - Vocals / Bass
Tom Klimchuck - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Marshall Stephens - Rhythm Guitar
Rick Halverson - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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