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Dynamo, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
January 25th 2006
Stream of Passion & Damian Wilson

Finally the day was there… the first performance ever of Stream of Passion. Loving their album from the first time I listened to it, I was very excited to see this show. When arriving at the new Dynamo (which looks great by the way) there was already a long line in the hall waiting to give off their coats and descend the stairs and find a place in front of the stage. Excitement was buzzing through the venue.

Damian Wilson

Well this was certainly not what I had expected tonight, just one man with a guitar. Announcing his songs with a very British voice, he asked us if we had expected heavy metal… But it turns out this man is much bigger than he appears to be. He recorded four solo albums, wrote and performed music for two movies (Sergeant Pepper, Spirit Trap), played the lead role of Jean Valjean in the Les Miserables national tour of 1998-2000 and has done many more projects but most know to the audience of his evening; he toured Europe with Arjen Lucassen’s project Star One!

A singer songwriter performance was not quite what I was in for this night, but besides that he sounded great. He presented us with a short set, so the main act could start soon (the show started a bit late). The second song told us about the conception of his son, at the cemetery, so there was a dark side to this performance after all. His voice was very pleasant to listen to. He also played us the song ‘Naked’ with which he had introduced himself to Ayreon. After that there was a song called ‘Homegrown’, you can guess what that was about.

There was simple lighting for this part of the show, one spot light lit Damian. He stood behind his microphone with his guitar and that’s was it. In between songs he told us what they were about and made some jokes. There was a very pleasant atmosphere. He told us he had heard Stream of Passion rehearse and that they were “bloody good’. So after this performance we were all even more anxious to see and of course finally hear Stream of Passion.

Music 8
Performance 7
Light 7
Sound 7
Total 7 (7,3)


Stream of Passion

Whenever Arjen Lucassen has a project, it turns in to a success and I have no doubt Stream of Passion will be a great success again. Tonight the audience of the Dynamo had the honour of being the guests of their first performance ever. And having seen the show I can truly say it was a huge honour to be there!

This concert was a mixture of the Stream of Passion album together with songs from several of Arjen’s projects. I don’t think they were always that suitable for the voice of Marcela but after a few songs she seemed to be warmed up and able to handle anything. Besides singing she also played the violin to some songs, giving extra depth to them. At times the background vocalist (Marcela’s sister) came to the front to join her. For instance the duet ‘Valley of the Queens’ was sung by both of them, presenting us with a fantastic version of this song. ‘Vigil’ was opened by the singing of Arjen but then Marcela joins him, her voice sounding like an angel consoling Arjen. During the rest of the song Arjen occasionally sung one line, his vocals were tuned in a bit to loud making it more of a break in then an addition to the song. ‘Nostalgia’ was a definite point of rest in the show. With Alejandro in full green lights he was in another dimension from which the sweet sounds of this song came to us. For ‘The Castle Hall’ Damian joined the band on stage, showing a completely different side of his voice.

Storm, rain, thunder and flashing lights started the show and the audience is more then willing to embrace this storm. Under an applause Davy Mickers starts to play his drums, then Alejandro Millán joins him on his keys, all musicians join in. When Marcela Bovio enters the stage she immediately starts dancing and charms the audience with her appearance. For the biggest part of the show Marcela was followed by a purple spot light which gave the impression she was in some other dimension. She proved to have a professional attitude for when her microphone had some trouble she just kept on going. Arjen is a real show man, he is always looking for contact with the audience, posing for camera’s and at times completely lost in his guitar while his face shows each note he plays. He did consider all other musicians, when ‘Deciever’ started with a solo of Alejandro he stepped aside to make sure he got full attention. During the refrain of ‘Songs of the Ocean’ the entire audience sung along, the band hardly had to ask for it. Everybody was having a good time on stage; I even saw Arjen and Lori Linstruth bump their behinds, laughing. She has a very strong stage appearance by the way, she has very feminine features but you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with her. There have a Dutch bass player, he doesn’t stand out on stage, you hardly notice him some times. Before the band was fully of the stage after ‘The Castle Hall’ the audience was already shouting for more. During their first encore Arjen announced they were going to play a song from ‘some’ band from the 70’ies which you might recognise if you were just as old as he was, this was a Led Zeppelin cover. Before playing ‘Embrace the Storm’ there were some flashes and then the song burst off the stage, full power. After ‘Love’ the final song a long and loud applause accompanied by many cheers guided the band off stage.

01. Spellbound
02. Passion
03. Waracle
04. Wherever You Are
05. Computer Eyes
06. Calliopeia
07. Valley of the Queens
08. Haunted
09. The Charm of the Seer
10. Deceiver / Songs of the Ocean (medley)
11. Day One: Vigil
12. Day Three: Pain
13. Nostalgia
14. Out in the Real World
15. The Castle Hall (with Damian Wilson)
16. Into the Black Hole / Cold Metal (medley) (with Damian Wilson)
17. Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks (Cover)
18. Embrace the Storm
19. Day Eleven: Love

Music 9
Performance 9
Light 9
Sound 8
Total 9 (8,9)

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