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talkingtoturtles ohthegoodlife
Artist: Talking to Turtles
Title: Oh, the Good Life
Genre: Acoustic
Release Date: 19th August 2011
Label: DevilDuck / Indigo

Album Review

German band TALKING TO TURTLES attracts an attention not only because of its titles that can be interpreted differently but also thanks to their music which is ambiguous indeed. The new creation of the musicians entitled ‘Oh, the Good Life’ is just a proof of the above: it’s hard to assess it unequivocally. The melodies are definitely good and the vocals both male and female have their moments, however all the compositions are only for those who like and understand such music or are in the mood for it. Everything becomes clear after the very first song and you either continue listening enjoying the whole thing or immediately leave the album until later enjoying the cover picture that is particularly fine.

Being an acoustic album, ‘Oh, the Good Life’ concentrates on the simplicity and some lightness. But despite the diversity of the tracks and the fact that there are only 10 of them on the CD one may be bored with a sliding monotony. Anyway some tracks are worthy to listen no matter what. First of all, melodic ‘I Am in Numbers’ and expressive ‘Wonky Cradle’. ‘Short Stories Long’ seems to be quite interesting as well but the plenty of pauses may distort one’s impression after listening to it. And finally ‘REM’ is simply great and only because it finishes the album, which is a mere conceptual or pretends to be conceptual. So everyone will decide for themselves.


01. In the Future – 3:47
02. Crumbs – 4:10
03. I Am in Numbers – 4:07
04. Wonky Cradle – 4:07
05. Grizzly Hugging – 2:38
06. Men in Trees – 3:38
07. Short Stories Long – 3:35
08. A Car a Beer Cigarettes – 3:13
09. Fingers Crossed – 4:49
10. REM – 3:47


Florian Sievers
Claudia Göhler

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Cover Picture

talkingtoturtles ohthegoodlife


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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