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Artist: The Search
Title: The Search For Connection Contact And Community
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 30th September 2011
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

THE SEARCH is an Indie band from Sweden originally named THE SILVERSLUT. After releasing 6 EP’s (from 2000 till 2002) with that name as a band in 2003 something cataclysmic happened; Tholander had had a dream about a neon sign with the name The Search on it. At least he didn’t dream of The Searchers; he would have to pay royalties to the Hollywood for that. And as a true believer, he changed the name of the band, put the sign of the Pisces in his car, sang an Ave Maria cheerio and started again from scraps. I’m kidding; he just changed the name of the band.

Now, with his pals he decided to play this very sensitive pop. How sensitive? Very... The band is in touch completely with its “feminine side” making this CD the perfect soundtrack for desolated metrosexuals who can’t find their facial night care cream. Also for teenage girls posing melancholically as Sylvia Plath only because their beloved one chose someone else and has the fun of his/her life. In other words they play a mixture of pop with poser CURE-like atmosphere and lyrics. At least the whole music is quite relaxing and better than the usual stuff expected from Indie pop bands. The only inspiring song here and the one I preferred was ‘Alone In A Space Shuttle’. Maybe because I was trapped here having to listen to and review this CD. But you, dear reader, you don’t have to suffer that way. It only takes ‘An Ounce Of Courage’, the one that the band completely lacks.


01. Silent Days – 3:53
02. An Ounce Of Courage – 4:20
03. Age Of The Hermit – 4:15
04. From The Glass Jar – 3:36
05. Jet – 5:31
06. Manic Miner – 3:53
07. Alone In A Space Shuttle – 6:21
08. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter- 4:16
09. James – 6:16
10. The Firm Conviction – 5:10
11. Kuchisake Onna – 5:18


Per Tholander – Drums
Sebastian Sehr – Guitar
Karl Larsson – Bass
Razmig Tekeyan – Guitar, Vocals


Cover Picture

thesearch thesearchfor


Music: 5
Sound: 8
Total: 6.5 / 10

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