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vladintears welcometovladyland
Artist: Vlad In Tears
Title: Welcome to Vladyland
Genre: Rock / Gothic / Alternative
Release Date: 11th November 2011
Label: Echozone

Album Review

After six years of being together as a band, VLAD IN TEARS, three brothers and they're honorary brother, release their fourth studio album 'Welcome to Vladyland'. The album boasts concept and each song is a door to a different booth in Vladyland, one which could get you caught as VLAD fan. With a carnival feel to each song, it makes each track fresh and diverse setting the band out from the current industry of money and not passion.

The album kicks off with 'At the End of the World'. Starting the album with a song which introduces you to the end allows no misconceptions to be made about the style which is present throughout the album because I'm are if it was the beginning of the end, normal life would be thrown out of the window. this doesn't immerse us in the normal Gothic genre of heavy music and pelting female vocals, but instead encases us in distortion, chilling synth parts and backing vocals and yet faces such a normal subject of isolation. the carnival feeling gets turned up to eleven on track two, 'Circus on the Moon', as it gets introduced with a carnival style announcer before each verse, and again has that synth/keyboard part that adds more to the piece than the distortion and lyrical lines can do; it takes us to Vladyland.

'A Song to Say Goodnight' incorporates classic 20th century carnival/music box music behind such a vocal line that makes you want to trust everything that is sung like it is really the way the world is, catching you in Vladyland. The distortion is given a rest and acoustic guitars and strings create a new corner to VLAD IN TEARS that we have heard for the first time on this album. Another sensation is felt when 'Red Emption' comes to your ears. It has a feeling of Panic! At The Disco to it, yet once the track has established itself in your ear drums, it becomes a classic on the album for the VLAD boys.

The subjects which are written about, the way in which the guitars and their distortion are used, and how they fit in the craziness of the carnival riffs screams for attention at VLAD IN TEARS definitely deserve. The intelligence and passion that is put into the creations is so extensive that we wouldn't have thought this was a fourth album, but maybe a first or second because of the reflection of themselves the band are still putting into their writing.


01. At the End of the World
02. Circus on the Moon
03. Here Comes the Rain
04. A Song to Say Goodnight
05. Mary
06. After All
07. Pretending
08. Red Emption
09. The Black Cat
10. To Be Mine
11. We'll Never Die
12. A Vlad's Tale
13. Unknown Track (Hidden Bonus)


D. (Dario)


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vladintears welcometovladyland


Music 9
Sound 9
Total: 9 / 10

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