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whitelies bigtv
Artist: White Lies
Title: Big TV
Genre: Indie /Post Punk
Release Date: 9th August 2013
Label: Polydor

Album Review

When back in 2009 the WHITE LIES debut album 'To Lose My Life' was released, not a little amount of people predicted it would be Britain's next big thing. Actually, the success spread way across its borders and would continue to do so with their second offering 'Ritual' which in the books of one or the other critic had a little too much of everything. As usual you can't please everyone. Here we are back again with the third full-length 'Big TV'. The opening with the title track fills the room with a tinge of country and 80s synth pop before it all succumbs to subtly melodic layers amidst soft drumming. If you need a comparison for 'There Goes Our Love Again' try A-HA around their 'Take On Me' period and add a bit more drama to it. Time for a little intermezzo already with part one of the 'Space' suit, a weightless conglomerate of melodies and atmospheres. You're seeking rocking bursts in the music? Well, I'd suggest you try 'Mother Tongue' with the synths mostly taking the back seat behind a harsher guitar tuning.

'Change' submerges McVeigh's vocals in a sea of textures to float on everlastingly it seems. Pathos drips from them constantly. Then again, this is minor criticism for that's one of the band's core virtues and I sincerely doubt they'd be as successful as they are if it weren't for that. On 'Space II' the air is getting thicker as more sounds intertwine while 'Tricky To Love' is more like the standard WHITTE LIES hymn for your pleasure. 'Heaven Wait' is mostly carries on minor synth and slow percussion and with more seconds passing becomes a pretty intense and haunting piece of music and the closing 'Goldmine' smoothly glides along and gives you company to the very end. There's no big surprise contained on 'Big TV' as a whole but it turns out a very strong release with no real flaws that fans shouldn't hesitate to add to their collection.


01. Big TV
02. There Goes Our Love Again
03. Space I
04. First Time Caller
05. Mother Tongue
06. Getting Even
07. Change
08. Be Your Man
09. Space II
10. Tricky To Love
11. Heaven Wait
12. Goldmine


Harry McVeigh
Charles Cave
Jack Lawrence-Brown

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whitelies bigtv


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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