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vader tibietigni
Artist: Vader
Title: Tibi Et Igni
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 30th May 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

VADER has been around quite a bit; having started in 1983 in Poland as a Heavy/ Speed Metal outfit they’ve turned their sound into Thrash and later into Death Metal within first three years of their existence. Their tenth album ‘Tibi Et Igni’ (For You and Fire) is soon to be released. The band let itself be heard with about it “To all expecting new forms, artistic experiments or other pathetic garbage we say: GO TO HELL !!!!” So expect the VADER wade in the good tried tracks. Solid band, even influential to some, nice album certainly showing the link to their roots, but it’s like a party you’re forgetting already as the beer bubbles burst – it’s not just because they stayed in the comfort zone, but it just hasn’t got the thing that’d get you go ‘wow’ or stir something within you, unless you’re an überfan.


01. Go to Hell 4:36
02. Where Angels Weep 2:18
03. Armada on Fire 3:50
04. Triumph of Death 3:45
05. Hexenkessel 5:28
06. Abandon All Hope 2:23
07. Worms of Eden 3:34
08. The Eye of the Abyss 6:45
09. Light Reaper 4:28
10. The End 4:55


Piotr Wiwczarek – vocals, guitar, bass
Marek Pająk – guitar
James Stewart – drums
Tomasz Halicki – bass

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vader tibietigni


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10


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