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Artist: The Sexinvaders
Title: Silent Heart
Genre: Electro / House / Techno
Release Date: 24th June 2011
Label: Pink-Pong

Single Review

THE SEXINVADERS is a duo from Berlin, known on many dance floors. This maxi single ‘Silent Heart’ offers the song in six versions. I think choosing just one song can be quite tricky as it can sometimes even turn off even the most hardcore fans and be just a good release for DJ’s. However, it is interesting to hear this one out. The song itself is a wonderful one, a slow nostalgic track with a sense of soft aching. I have to say that the remixes did it for me more than the song in its ‘main’ version, the second ‘Boylerz Remix’ was not much better either, except for its beginning and chorus where it is livelier, but for the rest it lacks a zest for life, it has this drawn out feeling of Sunday afternoon or the eternity of Monday blues.

What spoils these tracks is that the extra noise-effects are worn out, you feel like you’ve heard that all before and their sharpness grates bit on nerves. But by ‘Fex Felini’ remix things get more interesting and distinctive, this one has an interesting beat and the echoing effects are good, it feels more atmospheric and the rhythmic feel it has is good. The next one ‘Maral Salmassi Remix’ is somewhere between. However, the best one of the maxi single is ‘The Stereo Youth’ Remix. It brings the meaning and emotion out of the song in a best way, it’s more minimalistic, but all the more atmospheric, the piano position is superb here. The ‘Radio Version’ is great too. I still think it’s mostly for connoisseurs of the band, but if you’re not, you’d be better to save money for the full album release whenever that might be.


01. Silent Heart – 5.45
02. Silent Heart (Boylerz Remix) – 4.00
03. Silent Heart (Fex Felini Remix) – 5.21
04. Silent Heart (Maral Salmassi Remix) – 4.16
05. Silent Heart (The Stereo Youth Remix) – 4.17
06. Silent Heart (Radio Version) – 3.22


David Kreutzer
Steffen Sonnenschein

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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