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Artist: TraKKtor
Title: Force Majeure
Genre: EBM / Aggrotech
Release Date: 20th June 2011
Label: Katyusha

Album Review

It only took about ten years after their formation, for the TRAKKTOR to release their first full-length album, ‘Force Majeure’. And from the opening song ‘Pandora’s Box’ they’ve decided to declare their close affiliations with SUICIDE COMMANDO. Therefore the Box opens and as I guess all the evils spring out. Not exactly all of them, since according to the Greek myth Hope was the greatest evil of all. These are details that as it seems never reached up there in the North. What actually comes forth is a show-off of violence and mental instability which might amuse many. ‘Soothsayer’ is one of the best moments of the album, hard in its tempo, atmospheric and builds excellently (especially if one adds the intro to it). Yet, one of the strongest aspects of the TRAKKTOR is their music compositions which they are built around a theatrical tone. The other ones are the flow and the blending of the songs. I suspect that Conan the DJ has lots to do with that. The whole album is not of the kind never-heard-before but the band is able to make interesting combinations and alterations of rhythm.

Another characteristic moment of the album is ‘Spitfire’ which you can also hear as a cool dogfight between the Spitfires and FEINDLUNG’s ‘Stukas Im Visier’(unfortunately on this occasion the “Stukas” won). The combination of ‘Extinction’ with ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is compelling as they provide a danceable EBM political horror flick. A flick that escalates with the brilliant, but uneven ‘Thirteen Order’, which starts with the distorted speech of President George Bush (senior) on the New World Order and continues to the President William J. Clinton (and without the Lewinski stains) only to end up with a quote from “Battlestar Galactica”! After this small cultural shock of mine, ANAMADIM have put once again the things into perspective with a striking remix of ‘Dancing With The Devil’ offering a pure Aggrotech anthem. With the exemption of ‘Reaper’ which is predictable by far, the whole CD was an amusing experience, at times danceable, at others thought provoking. They are not SKINNY PUPPY (but then again I doubt even if SKINNY PUPPY are what they used to be) yet they are pushing the boundaries of EBM. And that’s quite something...


01. Pandora’s Box – 0:57
02. Soothsayer – 4:58
03. Final Fusion – 5:34
04. Veil Of Thorns – 5:14
05. Reaper – 5:21
06. The Surge – 5:27
07. Spitfire – 5:08
08. Extinction – 4:41
09. Dancing With The Devil – 6:04
10. Thirteen Order – 7:51
11. Dancing With The Devil (Remix by Anamadim) – 5:06


Pierre Maier a.k.a Aus - Vocals, Concept, Programming
Jens Lagnekvist a.k.a Conan - Keys – Vocals

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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