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trakktor blitzkrieggalaxy
Artist: Trakktor
Title: Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Single)
Genre: Dark Electro / Aggrotech
Release Date: 20th February 2012
Label: Katyusha Records

Single Review

Just a few months after the release of their debut album, ‘Force Majeure’, TRAKKTOR are back, this time with a single. The first observation to be made is that its title, ‘Blitzkrieg Galaxy’ is catchy as hell. The real pleasure though comes directly from the listening experience, in which, TRAKKTOR continue their frenzy course in the area of the Aggrotech. The Single Edit version of it encompasses the very characteristic features of TRAKKTOR’s music; their DJ sense of catchiness with tons of aggressiveness combined with some thought provoking lyrics. At the point you couldn’t think the song can be better the Chaos All Star Remix comes to prove you wrong as it adds an extra layer of epic tones with a politically inspired intro that is diffused into the pace of the song. The remixes that follow are incapable to carry the “weight” and the sense of fun the song evokes, though they do possess the sense of differentiation that is required especially when you have to deal with Singles. Overall, this ‘Blitzkrieg Galaxy’ is like an hors d'oeuvre for the main dish which I hope it won’t take long to be relished.


Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Single Edit) – 5:53
Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Chaos All Stars Remix) – 5:16
Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Remix by David Elg) – 5:06
Blitzkrieg Galaxy (Prototyp Remix) – 3:28
Blitzkrieg Galaxy (X-Ploding Head Syndrome Remix) – 4:29


Pierre Maier a.k.a Aus - Vocals, Concept, Programming
Jens Lagnekvist a.k.a Conan – Keys, Vocals
R.Lundgren a.k.a Bastardsaint - Guitar, Growls

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trakktor blitzkrieggalaxy


Music: 6
Sound: 9
Total: 7.5 / 10

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