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trakktor halooflies
Artist: TraKKtor
Title: Halo of Lies
Genre: EBM / Aggrotech / Industrial
Release Date: 3rd December 2012
Label: Katyusha Records

Album Review

TRAKKTOR keeps improving as time passes. Their new album ‘Halo of Lies’ sounds so intricate and layered in its production. I am of the opinion that once a band starts to layer their music they reach a whole new level of sophistication. TRAKKTOR is meant for the intelligent and technical listener but at the same time can appease a broader EBM/Industrial audience. I always look forward to TRAKKTOR’s new albums because it’s like opening a big production of a sci-fi / horror blockbuster. All their songs tell a dramatic story. ‘Halo of Lies’ is a lot darker than their last album with deep, dark and misty sounds coming up from their haunted Nordic souls. Many tracks are strong yet melodic and always seem to know which direction they plan to take the listener. It’s a grand adventure every time. After listening to the entire album I am left feeling like I have travelled to the end of the universe and back home again.

I love the driving beat to ‘End of Days’. It makes you blissfully aware that life is fleeting and you need to live in the moment. ‘Halo of Lies’, the title song, drives the message of bitter redemption like a sharp edged knife through the heart. It twists itself into the wound until it draws blood. It’s like someone who lies and spews out deception but still comes out looking like a dark angel. ‘Spitting on Your Grave’ is quite powerful like getting back at your worst enemy in the worst possible way. ‘Hollow Spirits’ is amazing as a danceable track. ‘Drag Me to Hell’ is a compilation of subliminal sadism. It’s like its saying I would gladly go to hell with you and enjoy it! I think it’s one of my favourites. I love the fact that on the second CD they offer remixes of the songs on the first CD and a bit more. If your an EBM/ Industrial music fan like me I would recommend to buy it. Its worth the money both for the great artwork on the cover and the booklet with lyrics inside. They are not just musicians they are poets.


01. Welcome To Sin City
02. End Of Days
03. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Album Version]
04. Halo Of Lies
05 – TraKKtor
06. Spitting On Your Grave
07. Orbital Strike [Infinitus Bellum]
08. MeKKanized Soul
09. Hollow Spirits [Album Version]
10. Drag Me To Hell
11. The Dawn Of War

01. The Dawn of War [Falling Skies Remix by Roughhausen]
02. Spitting On Your Grave [Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket]
03. Halo Of Lies [Remixed by Re-legion]
04. Dawn Of War [Remixed by Diversant:13]
05. Mekkanized Soul [Remixed by Ginger Snap5]
06. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [The Blister Exists Remix]
07. Spitting On Your Grave [1991 Remixx by Angst Pop feat. Technomancer]
08. Halo Of Lies [Shock-Pop-Mix by Channel East]
09. Dawn of War [Frontal Boundary Mix]
10. Mekkanized Soul [Kant Kino Symphony]
11. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Frau Untz Remix]
12. Spitting On Your Grave [Electronic Dreams_WTL Remix]
13. Halo Of Lies [Remix by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio]
14. The Dawn Of War [Remixed by Zargg]
15. Spitting On Your Grave [Remix By Particle Son]


Pierre Maier a.k.a Aus - Vocals , Concept, Programming
Jens Lagnekvist a.k.a Conan - Keys, Vocals
Robert Lundgren a.k.a Bastardsaint - Guitar, Growls

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trakktor halooflies


Music 9
Sound 8
Total 8.5 / 10

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