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Artist: Widukind
Title: AvaTar
Genre: Neofolk
Release Date: 2nd November 2017
Label: periplaneta

Album Review

WIDUKIND is a project of Carsten Klatte, known for his work with GOETHES ERBEN, PROJECT PITCHFORK, he still plays with Peter Heppner and Heinz Rudolf Kunze. He is not only a musician, but also an author, philosopher... an artist in the widest sense of this word. Being German AND an artist Klatte of course has his specific concept. There are manifests and essays, disclosing his vision and his art, just like in good old days. WIDUKIND is a music-, literature-, visual art- and performance-project. Musically Klatte finds inspiration in such bands as SPIRITUAL FRONT, NICK CAVE, EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, and CURRENT 93 and describes his “child” as post-apocalyptic folk. If you're looking for entertainment, you better look somewhere else. Here we're about to listen to something for what we all love the above mentioned bands: decadence, philosophical discussions, a lot of words and an atmospheric dark and thick soundtrack.

Each album is accompanied with a book, written by Klatte as well. Previously it was hundred pages long essays about Dada, Surrealism, and Art. ‘Avatar’, however, is a philosophical sci-fi novel. The main character Widukind meets Seneca Jr. and Friedrich Schiller to save the world. Not to spoil the story, let's just mention that there are also Klaus Kinski and a famous Schlager singer. “I tried to write the most absurd story, which I would like to read myself. It's just crazy and surreal. It has no sense,” - said Klatte about his book. The songs are created with the same attitude, for example ‘Caput Draconis’ was written under the impression of Friedrich Schiller's ‘On Grace and Dignity’. ‘Die Lüge’ is about those moments in life, when someone “just falls”. The melodies are typical for this genre: there’s not much going on, it has a strong instrumental context, and they mostly just serve to create the right atmosphere. ‘Avatar’ is rather an essay itself, than a piece of music. There is too much context, it has too much information. It surely will bring a lot of joy, if you’ve done your reading. Without getting the references, the story of Widukind will hardly make any sense and it might turn out simply boring, like it happens with most of the Norfolk artists, who are desperate to educate their listeners.


01. Avatar Präludium
02. Antianti
03. Caput Draconis
04. Eine Blüte in Japan
05. Zwei Vögel
06. Synchron
07. Galaxien Parcours
08. Hypermarket
09. Pathetique
10. Rot
11. Tiefenschärfe
12. Hel
13. Die Lüge
14. Avatar Finale


Carsten Klatte
Yve Darksound

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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