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WolfmotherDen Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3rd July 2019

If a band is already making an effort and making their sound like it did when Rock was still towing girls and you let your hair grow wild, you don’t need a laser show and moving stage parts, a top modern hall and certainly not a horde of musicians and accompanists. WOLFMOTHER came to the A in Luxembourg City with four compact musicians and transported the audience into the heavens of heavy Rock.

WOLFMOTHER is an Australian Hard Rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Formed in 2004, the group is centred around vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, who is the only constant member of the line-up. In recent years, the line-up of WOLFMOTHER has continued to change frequently, with their commercial popularity fluctuating. The band’s planned third album, ‘Keep Moving’, was released as Stockdale’s solo debut in 2013, with a new line-up including drummer Vin Steele issuing ‘New Crown’ independently the following year. In 2016, the group released ‘Victorious’ as their first album on a major label since ‘Cosmic Egg’, and subsequently toured with Alex Carapetis on drums. WOLFMOTHER’s personnel have continued to change, with Stockdale subsequently releasing and touring in promotion of his second solo album, ‘Slipstream’, in 2018.

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Music & Performance
Enjoying was exactly the right word to describe the feeling of the visitors of WOLFMOTHER this Wednesday evening. After a set of DJ Sam Steen, mostly known as DJ of ARA City Radio, it was time for WOLFMOTHER’s Australian Hard Rock. Right at the beginning they started with ‘Victorius’ from the current album and hits like ‘White Unicorn’ or ‘Woman’ and let every concert visitor know that this will not be an ordinary concert. The band was in a good mood and front man Andrew Stockdale was passionate about it. The next tracks were highlights like ‘New Moon Rising’, ‘Apple Tree’ and ‘White Feather’. The Luxembourg audience was thrilled and celebrated the Australians. The fact that the singer and frontman of the band, no longer tours with all the original band members, didn’t spoil the fun anymore. This band played tightly and the sympathy radiated from Stockdale. He has a voice to be jealous of in this genre, but it was the enthusiasm between him and the audience, that clicked from the beginning, that made the A freaking out that night.

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It was very positive to see that WOLFMOTHER didn’t waffle around between the songs for a long time, but did what people came here for: Rock’n’Roll! WOLFMOTHER performed a wide range of songs from all albums released so far, although the focus was more on the self-titled album from 2005. A feast and a musical journey through a decade of inventiveness: from the debut album ‘Wolfmother’ (2005) to ‘Cosmic Egg’ (2009) and the latest release ‘Victorious’ (2016). For the song ‘Dimension’, WOLFMOTHER took a guy out of the crowd to take over the guitar parts of frontman Stockdale. This guy’s name was Damien and he did that with verve. Hundreds of people looking at him, he was probably broken and tired of standing in that pit all the time... and then suddenly he played a song in front of the same crowd. It’s not the easiest song either, so extra respect for how well he performed this song. Also respect again for Stockdale, who knew how to improvise and leaded Damien like a wolf mother (pun intended) on stage and let him enjoy it extra. The dynamic between the two was cool, touching, but above all super cool to see.

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The Grammy winners simply knew what they were doing and delivered an incredibly intense and good-looking show in the 1,5 hours, which was coherent from the first to the last second. So it’s no big deal that ‘Joker and the Thief’ was the last song of the night, as the audience had already been offered everything that seemed possible during the regular playing time.

01. Victorious
02. White Unicorn
03. Colossal
04. Woman
05. New Moon Rising
06. Apple Tree
07. Mind’s Eye
08. White Feather
09. Dimension
10. Vagabond
11. California Queen
12. The Love That You Give
13. Pyramid
14. Gypsy Caravan
15. Spanish Rose
16. Joker & The Thief

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total 7.5 / 10

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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