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Band name:  David Valdés
Title:  Paradise Lost
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date:  2005
Record company/label:  Heavencross Rec.


Previously unknown to me David Valdés sent me a promotional CD of his first self-titled solo project. I have to admit when I first read that there are no vocals on this record and that everything except for Valdes´ guitar work is played by computer I was sceptical. But what he presents here is a technically solid piece of synphonic heavy metal influenced by guitarists like Vinnie Moore or Yingwie Malmsteen and classical componists like J.S.Bach. Unfortunately the promo CD contains only six of the eleven songs on the final release so I couldn´t get a full impression of this album.


David Valdes – Guitars, programming


Song review

01. Paradise Lost – 5:13
Starting with a classical inspired guitar play the opener appears quite catchy and – of course – dominated by  the guitar. The drums build a counterpart to Valdes.  That song is quite well structured offering much variety and a nice solo. 

02. Legend – 5:03
Here – to the delight of the auditor - the guitar comes with more distortion. After a quite playful guitar solo a much harder power metal riff combined with another classical influenced song line begins that continues the whole song. A very calm and dulcet guitar rounds up the song.

03. An Old History - 4:38
not on promo CD

04. Time Up! – 4:33
not on promo CD

05. Fallen Angel – 5:01
This song - dominated by a really catchy lead guitar – is carried by a nice melody resembling Annihilator´s Liquid Oval on their album “Carnival Diablos”.

06. My Enchanted Forest – 4:32
not on promo CD

07. The Lord of Fire – 4:24
The Lord of Fire comes – for such a title – unexpected calm and slow. The rhythm guitar is the only thing that appears fresh in this song. All the other elements sound quite similar to “Legend”.

08. BWV 1046 Adagio – 3:48
As the title promises this track is slow. It doesn´t seem to have a real song line, and comes quite sluggish and uninspired. Unlike “Fallen Angel” the melodies here are not that thought-out.

09. Hidden Minds – 4:08
not on promo CD

10. Eternal Dream – 5:28
The last song on the promo CD ironically gives me the impression of a good postludium for the album. It is as well very slow with no remarkable element that makes this song distinguishable from the other tracks in this CD

11. Cacophony – 8:24
not on promo CD

Cover Picture

Technical Summary

Total playing time :  55:18  ( 29:07 )
Total songs :  11 ( 6 )


After having listened to the first two songs – which I quite liked – I was a little bit disappointed. David Valdés surely can handle his instrument quite well but most of the songs appear too uninspired. There are no characteristic elements that make the tracks recognisable. Most of the guitar riffs and solos sound too similar. In my opinion the reason  therefor is the fact, that Valdés tried to manage the composing  and recording of all instrumental parts alone and that there are no vocals on this album. I think he should get a band in order to show what he is able to do with his instrument. If he is able to manage that I am sure we will here again about this spanish musician.


Music 5
Sound 6
Extra’s -
Total  5 (5,4)

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