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Artist: Versus
Title: Different Twilight Places
Genre: Electronic / EBM
Release Date: 1st October 2010
Label: Echozone

Album Review

German electronic outfit VERSUS was founded in 2001 and during about 9 years of its existence managed to attract a sincere interest of lovers of electronic music. Thus this year the band releases their latest effort entitled ‘Different Twilight Places’ which features 15 tracks, yet I just can’t call them interesting or diverse or maybe I became way too sophisticated. So, the album starts with some sort of an introduction speech in German slightly supplemented with music and in general a bit too protracted. Yet it would not be noticed if the musical part was more distinct. Anyway, everything is compensated with the rest of the material where all the significant components of the compositions are perfectly well-balanced and harmonized.

Yes, it sounds good at first but then you may get bored after listening to still simple, plain sometimes even flat melodies. The vocals seem to be a disputable question as well however there are some moments but in whole they are not enough to impress a listener. The album continues on the same lines and the more you listen to it the more monotonous it becomes. Of course, there appear some attempts to dilute the monotony with energy and force but they are quite temporary. Surprisingly I was counting on somewhat breakthrough till the very end of the last composition but the hopes weren’t justified. Nevertheless I can mark out a couple of tracks namely ‘I never’ and ‘I Want 2B U’ which are really pleasant to listen to and relieve the boredom of the album. All in all, ‘Different Twilight Places’ in fact turned to be not so different at least to my taste but certainly there are people who will appreciate the release as tastes differ though.


01. Prologue
02. Monestirea
03. A Matter of
04. A Lonesome Girls Night
05. We Are Cloned
06. Frequency
07. Beautiful like You
08. I never
09. Drifting away
10. Definition Lost
11. I Want 2B U
12. Shapes of Joy
13. Boundless
14. Re:Start
15. Travelling Home


André – Vocals, Music
Markus – Backing Vocals, Synths, Drums

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Music: 5
Sound: 5
Extras: -
Total: 5 / 10


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