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Artist: Wolfchant
Title: Call Of The Black Winds
Genre: Dark Metal
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

German band WOLFCHANT was formed in 2003; their epic / death metal with folk, medieval tinges, after all they are centred on interpreting folk legends from Nordic Mythology with their first album ‘Bloody Tales From Disgraced Lands’, pagan themes with the second ‘A Pagan Storm’, third ‘Determined Damnation’ with mayhem of the battle, now they’re about to release their fourth ‘Call Of The Black Winds’.

Their songs have the energy of wild rivers pouring into the valleys after thawing from heavy winter, the epic and death metal elements fit with each other as perfect twins. Many songs have what can only be described as “communal spirit”, men singing after or before taking to battle or hunt, celebrating in the inn. ‘Naturgewalt’ (‘Force of Nature’) has even something menacing about the power centred here just to emphasise the unpredictability and power of nature against which man is just a speck of dust. The imagery of the wolves permeates the album also as another symbol of the world they resurrect and musically paint. Where this song is hard and powerful, ‘The Last Farewell’ gives a contrast with its first half, the vocals are clean and usher a softer tone with acoustic guitar with some wonderful lyrics, soon there is the communal spirit, the vocal is joined by the others, including the gnashing death metal vocal echoing, and harsher guitar riffs come back. The refrain is catchy and the riffs are impressive. All these elements create one of the best moments of the album.

‘Never Will Fall’ starts with medieval fanfare and speeds up, guitars furiously shredding, the song is truly epic and riveting, sweeping the mood up for determination and organised mayhem with equal fervour, lyrically matching the song from previous album ‘Until The End’. The ending, album titled song of course brings the sound of the winds, there are some interesting and unexpected sound layers to this, and the cleaner vocal is going for the operatic bend, giving the song its quirky character as well as its accompanying vocal death rattle that has its menacing parts to fill here. ‘Call Of The Black Winds’ is an album that will please their fans and might entice new ones indeed.


Black Winds (Prelude) – 2.07
Stormwolves – 5.39
Eremit – 4.25
Black Fire – 4.22
Naturgewalt – 5.35
Heathen Rise – 6.11
Never Will Fall – 4.10
Die Nacht Der Woelfe – 4.21
The Last Farewell – 4.22
Der Stahl In Meinem Feinde – 4.56
Call Of The Black Winds – 8.57


Lokhi - Vocals, Mouth Harp, Bass
Skaahl - Lead Guitar
Ragnar - Rhythm Guitar
Bahznar - Bass
Norgahd - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Accordion
Gvern - Keyboards
Michael “Nortwin” Seifert - Clean Vocals

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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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