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Gianna NanniniMitsubishi Electric Halle, Düsseldorf, Germany
15th March 2018
Gianna Nannini - “Fenomenale Tour” 2018

GIANNA NANNINI became a controversial star overnight. Many loved her, even more hated her - and everyone talked about her. Since 1980, when the heatedly talked-about single ‘America’ became her first mega success worldwide, Gianna can afford everything and uses this freedom extensively. Every line of text promises protest, rebellion and often: sex.

Also on her powerful new album ‘Amore Gigante’ - it is her 18th studio production - the live wire does not mince its words. Musically, Nannini claims to have turned back to her very own 80's tradition: more sweaty rock than friendly pop. The current work of the Italo-Rock queen was recorded in Los Angeles as well as in London. With ‘Amore Gigante’, GIANNA NANNINI confidently proves that she is not unjustly the only Italian singer / songwriter who has had fervent fans all over Europe for decades. Even though she continues to write and sing her lyrics consistently in Italian.

On stage, she is still very vivid with a powerful voice. Just during the first sounds of her set, people jumped off from their seats and came close to stage to celebrate her idol. Great show!

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