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shinedown14Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
11th November 2018
Shinedown - Tour 2018 - Special Guests: Starset & Press To Meco

Grunge meets Hard Rock, Alternative Rock meets Progressive Metal - and everything in between: With SHINEDOWN, there comes one of the most exciting Rock bands from the USA on tour. The band from Jacksonville / Florida will present their sixth album, ‘Attention Attention’, which was published in May of this year with a big worldwide success: No 5 in the US charts, No 8 in UK as well in the Top 25 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries. Between the 11th and 25th of November, SHINEDOWN will be in Germany for five concerts in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Special Guest in all shows will be the unusual Alternative Rock band STARSET and PRESS TO MECO.

From beginning of their career SHINEDOWN were an ultimate proof that Grunge has not retired yet. The quartet has modernised the revolutionary Rock sound of the late of 90th and has mixed elements from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, to Southern Rock and Pop. Meanwhile, they can look back at more than ten millions sold sound carries, alone six millions long-players. Last Sunday, the three bands rocked the Live Music Hall in Cologne and we have pictures of the show for you!

Press To Meco

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All Pictures by Thomas Eger

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