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impression1C-Halle and C-Club, Berlin, Germany
27th and 28th April 2013
Monster Bash 2013 Day 2: Streetlight Manifesto, Atlas Losing Grip, Grade, The Story so Far, Pennywise, Rise Against

The first day of Monster Bash Berlin Edition was really successful. Now, anyone was looking forward the second day, offering big names, like RISE AGAINS or PENNYWISE, as well. Our day started with US Punk-Rock band STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO.

Streetlight Manifesto

This punk rock band, founded in 2002 in New Jersey, consist of Matt Stewart (trumpet), Mike Brown (saxophon), Jim Conti (saxophon), Tomas Kalnoky (guitar), Pete McCullaugh (bass), Nadav Nirenberg (trumpet), and Chris Thatcher (drums). STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO started with a lot of sound checks, which drove the public crazy. But the anger was quickly forgotten, cause STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO played a wonderful mixture between southern European or Balkan music, Ska and Punk. /


Atlas Losing Grip

The band was founded in 2005 in Sweden, their members are Rodrigo Alfaro (vocals), Stefan Bratt(bass), Gustav Burn (guitars), Max Huddén (guitars) and Julian Guedj (drums). The guys of ATLAS LOSING GRIP played a speedy Ska, which made people dance and enjoy. Although their appearance was very gothic, with black clothes, dark make-up and undercuts, their music was really nice Ska. They did catch the public, and the C-Club became fuller and fuller. A nice Swedish band worth to be seen. /



GRADE were founded in 1994 in Canada and broken up in 2002. In 2012, some band members started playing music again. Their music can be classified as Hardcore. GRADE play more Metal than Punk or Ska, but they play real nice metal, mixed with rock and Ska elements. But the public seemed to have a different opinion – although the band gave it all, people started leaving the stage. A pity!


The Story so Far

THE STORY SO FAR were founded in 2007 in California. The band members are Parker Cannon (vocals), Kevin Geyer (guitar/vocals), William Levy (guitar), Kelen Capener (bass) and Ryan Torf (drums). Well, I must say that they didn’t catch either the public’s attention nor mine, cause all songs sounded very similar. They play a mixture between Punk and Pop with nothing remarkable, nothing really special. People left the C-Club during their performance and preferred to drink beer outside or to wait in the C-Halle.



Founded in 1998 in California as so many other punk bands, PENNYWISE are one of the most famous Punk Rock bands. They have had a lot of changes of members during their musical career, but their actual members are Jim Lindberg (vocals), Fletcher Dragge (guitar), Randy Bradbury (bass), and Byron McMackin (drums). /

Music & Performance
PENNYWISE were excitedly received by the public, and they also greeted their fans excitedly. “Are you ready?“ they shouted, whereas speedy drums announced a fast and furious Ska with a breath-taking rhythm. It was noticeable that they were headliners. With their second song ‘My Own Country’, they made a hard attack against the American government. They played an excellent concert, full of anger and power. At the latest with the ACDC cover ‘TNT’ people were out of control. I thought that it was not possible to boost the public’s ecstasy, but ‘Fuck Authority’ was surely the highlight of the evening, and people were still singing when the band had leaved the stage.


01. Wouldn't It Be Nice
02. My Own Country
03. Can't Believe It
04. Same Old Story
05. T.N.T. (AC/DC cover)
06. Unknown Road
07. My Own Way
08. Peaceful Day
09. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) (Beastie Boys cover)
10. Pennywise
11. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag cover)
12. Perfect People
13. Fuck Authority
14. Living for Today
15. Society
16. Broken
17. Bro Hymn

Rise Against

The guys of RISE AGAINST, originally from California, are enchanting their audience since 1999 with their political hardcore music. Their members are Tim McIlrath (vocals, guitar), Joe Principe (bass), Brandon Barnes (drums) and Zach Blair (guitar, background vocals). One of their main political issues is the animal’s rights movement, they are active supporters of PETA and other animal’s right associations. /


Music & Performance
I had some conversations with visitors of the festival, and most of them came only to see PENNYWISE and RISE AGAINST. RISE AGAINST have a strong fan community in Germany, and the hall was crowded and the people excited, when the Californian guys entered the stage. The stage was dark, with purple lights. During the first song, Tim gave the micro to the public to sing the chorus, and the public did know what to sing. RISE AGAINST had a big stage show, during the second song, the stage was full of red light and white flashes. They spread a lot of energy and power, and after the third song the bassist said “Dankeschön” in German to the public, and the public answered full of enthusiasm.


They even played a new song, ‘Heaven Knows’. Due to the audience’s applause, they played three encore songs and finished their performance with ‘Savior’. Surely an event worth to see, not only for fans of Hardcore, Punk and Punkcore, but for all addicts of alternative music.

01. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
02. Re-Education (Through Labor)
03. The Good Left Undone
04. Heaven Knows
05. Long Forgotten Sons
06. Help Is on the Way
07. Survive
08. Drones
09. Prayer of the Refugee
10. Alive and Well
11. Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover) (with Dennis Lyxzén)
12. The Dirt Whispered
13. Satellite
14. Audience of One
15. Ready to Fall (Acoustic)
16. Hero of War
17. Swing Life Away
18. Make It Stop (September's Children)
19. Give It All
20. Savior


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All pictures by Luna Heine

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