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20180612 Koln Black Widow In this Moment 1634Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
12th June 2018
In This Moment - “The Witching Hour” Tour 2018

Summer is already hot concert-wise. American Goth Metal band IN THIS MOMENT have announced three club dates for Germany in June. The Cologne gig on June 12th was originally scheduled for the Luxor but has been upgraded to the more spacious Essigfabrik, which is a good sign that fans were definitely eager to see the band around front singer Maria Brink, and their theatrical performance.

The newest release from the band is a called ‘Ritual’, which was issued in 2017. It is the band’s sixth album and has been dubbed as the most melodic so far. So Goth Metal fans, who were in for a good show and did not mind little breaks for costume changes were gathering in Cologne to see one of the hottest female-fronted metal bands around. And of course it was an amazing show, especially visually, which the audience enjoyed. We hope you enjoy out pics now!

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  • 20180612_Koln_Black_Widow_In_this_Moment_1623

01. Blood
02. River of Fire
03. Adrenalize
04. Roots
05. Burn
06. Lay Your Gun Down
07. Monster Jam
08. Black Wedding
09. Big Bad Wolf
10. In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins cover)
11. Sick Like Me
12. Whore

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All Pictures by Markus Felix

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