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MØLive Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
15th November 2018
MØ - Tour 2018 - Special guest: Alma

Pop almost knows no rules because it is so universal and free. That’s the beauty of it, and a few young artists know that as well as MØ. Since she broke the boundaries with her influential DIY debut album ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ a few years ago, Karen Marie Ørsted has been working to broaden her sound and artistic vision. First of all there are her collaborations with a wide range of people like DIPLO, CHARLI XCX, CASHMERE CAT, SOPHIE and NOAH CYRUS. Together with MAJOR LAZER she recorded the world hit ‘Lean On’ (the song was originally written for RIHANNA), the same feat was achieved with JUSTIN BIEBER in the duo ‘Cold Water’.

But there are also her own hits, first and foremost the multi-gold and single-player single ‘Final Song’, which went global in the charts, followed by the fan track ‘Nostalgia’, or the latest EP ‘When I Was Young’ from October with a great video for the theme song. This in-between surprise obviously closes the circle and at the same time prepares an upcoming second album. Slightly nostalgic and retrospective, the short record is, so to speak a perfect encore, reflecting the Danish career so far. Because MØ has a long musical path behind her until this time. She came to the music through the SPICE GIRLS. It followed Punk phases, until she recorded her celebrated album with her producer Ronni Vindahl. Since then, she has become one of the most sought-after (and best) voices that many artists use to enhance their recordings. Now, MØ is ready to take the next step and released her second album, ‘Forever Neverland’. Of course she presented the new tracks live on her November tour, where she also stopped at Cologne’s Live-Music-Hall with ALMA as special guest.


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01. Intro
02. Dye My Hair
03. All Stars (Martin Solveig cover)
04. Dance For Me (with MØ)
05. Cowboy
06. LA Money
07. Chasing Highs
08. Bonfire (Felix Jaehn feat. ALMA)

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01. Purple Like the Summer Rain
02. Imaginary Friend
03. I Want You
04. Kamikaze
05. Pilgrim
06. Get It Right
07. Red Wine (B-Stage)
08. Trying to Be Good (B-Stage)
09. Nostalgia (B-Stage)
10. Nights With You
11. Sun in Our Eyes
12. Turn My Heart to Stone
13. Beautiful Wreck
14. Blur
15. Mercy
16. If It’s Over
17. Way Down
18. Lean On (Major Lazer cover)
19. West Hollywood (B-Stage)
20. Don’t Leave (B-Stage) (Snakehips & MØ cover)
21. Final Song (B-Stage)

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