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meraluna2017 logoDear M'era Luna friends, it's been far too long that we mailed you, particularly regarding the new artists of the upcoming year. Nevertheless, you didn't seem miffed about it since the ticket sale for #mera17 is going better than ever. The trust you have in us makes us very proud and grateful. As you know, we've once again conducted our annual band voting in the meantime to see which artists are most wanted for the next M'era Luna. Obviously, we cannot fulfill all of your wishes, but today's confirmation of further bands definitely has the potential to quicken your pulse and let next August shine in new light. So, before you proceed to the (un)holy time of the year, welcome with us:

And One | Project Pitchfork | White Lies | Covenant | The Crüxshadows | De/Vision | Mesh | DAF | KMFDM | Front Line Assembly | Megaherz | Solar Fake | Ashbury Heights | Haujobb | Tyske Ludder | Ost+Front | NamNamBulu | Eden Weint Im Grab | Absurd Minds | .com/kill | She Past Away | Leichtmatrose

M'era Luna 2016 on German TV
The NDR makes the long wait for #mera17 somewhat bearable: On the night of December 2, selected shows of this year's festival will be televised starting at 1:45am. Amongst others, you get to watch EISBRECHER, VNV NATION, WITHIN TEMPTATION, FAUN, and LETZTE INSTANZ.

"Mein Zelt Steht Schon" - My tent has been put up already!
Do you want to get to M'era Luna in an absolutely relaxed way without any hurry or time pressure and with just little baggage? Do you want to be part of the festival staying in a tent, but want to avoid lugging around? The service of "mein-zelt-steht-schon" (transl. "My tent stands already") makes it possible! You can book your tent including all equipment calmly and they will put up a tent for you on site. You just have to move in!
Info & Booking: 

Are you a scrimper? If so, then get your ticket before Friday noon on December 2 because that's when the prices will rise from 89€ to 99€ (including 5€ garbage deposit). Tickets are available via and or via phone (+49 (0) 180 6-853 653). You can get a reservation for your RV for 10 bucks.
Tickets are selling fast - get yours over here: 

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