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theteargardenNew album by duo of Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots) and cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)!

It’ has been nearly 50 years since the first Brown Acid Caveat was issued to a million hippies in a field at the first Woodstock Festival. In these dark, more knowing times, The Tear Garden felt it was the perfect moment to mark their 30th Anniversary with a similar warning, especially as their 1987 debut album bore the declaration '“We Will Pour Our Jars in Reservoirs' “ on its back cover. In fact, say the duo, "we were joking. Despite the madness you may perceive all around you right now, those jars were stashed on the highest shelf of a kitchen cupboard and the key was tossed into the ocean. Our sole wish is to introduce beauty to the medieval landscape we appear to be trapped in right now. There will be no brown paint splashed around. Beauty survives, even underneath the ugliest, heaviest rock. Feel the Love. Don’'t touch the brown acid. EK & CK" 

'The Brown Acid Caveat' is the eighth album by The Tear Garden and is testimony to an enduring friendship between the duo of Edward Ka-Spel (frontman of The Legendary Pink Dots) and cEvin Key (instrumentalist in Skinny Puppy). On their first collaborative album for eight years, psychedelic electronic melancholia, fearless experimentation and improvisation combine to take the listener on a mesmerising voyage of the mind.

Both Edward and cEvin are currently on European tours: Edward with Amanda Palmer in support of their just released duo album 'I Can Spin A Rainbow' and cEvin with Skinny Puppy. Diehard fans will also be interested to know that a collection of unreleased and rare material by The Tear Garden entitled 'Eye Spy Vol 2' is also set for release on 7th July.   

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