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eav 100jahreAlter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
17th February 2019
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung - “1000 Jahre EAV”

Under the motto “100 Jahre EAV” (100 years EAV), the ERSTE ALLGEMEINE VERUNSICHERUNG (EAV) will celebrate its (first?!) farewell tour on stage in 2019for the 40th anniversary. Do not miss to experience at least one of two dozen selected concerts in Germany & Switzerland!

Because the successes of the well-known Austrian band speak for themselves. You can look back on a career with more than 1,000 concert appearances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic, more than 10 million records, 20 top 10 albums in Austria / Germany / Switzerland and countless other awards. With their single hits like ‘Küss die Hand, schöne Frau’, ‘Ba-Ba Banküberfall’, ‘Ding Dong’, ‘Samurai’ and ‘An der Copacabana’ they mixed up the German music scene in the 80s and 90s and celebrated fulminant successes. Often the much less funny, thoughtful and socially critical songs such as ‘Burli’, ‘s'Muaterl’ or ‘Eierkopf-Rudi’, which were partly boycotted by radio broadcasters or who engaged the group of advertisements of leading political figures in Austria, were often overlooked.


In 2019, the EAV now takes leave of their stage life. What started well is to end worthily - this also includes presenting more than just the most beautiful hits and classics of EAV. The spectators expect an entertaining program with everything the satirists have to offer. Entertaining and emotional recollections of old days as well as refreshingly new songs will delight lovers of Cabaret, Rock, Pop and everything in between.

And anyone who misses the morbid spectacle is comforted:
“...Trinkt’s auf uns irgendwas und seid’s net zwider!
Was vorbei is‘, des is vorbei!
In der Höll drunten seh‘ ma‘ uns wieder...
Da Teufel hat noch a boa Platzerl frei!“ (
(...Drink something on us and you're not in it!
What's over is over!
Down in the hell we will see us again...
Since the devil has a few seats free!)

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 17:00
Start: 18:00
Tickets: Unfortunately the concert is sold out .
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