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karlthesing agiteThe cooperation of the three musicians behind KARL THESING started in spring 2016 during the creative work of the film music for the Arthouse film ÄVive la mort’ by Thomas Welte. The way was clearly set: away from the polished, non-indelible and uniform sound to something rough, authentic and true intimacy. Furthermore, the band leaves the digital path and celebrates the moment of the recording and doesn’t hide its atmosphere. They want to transport the feeling the listener is part of the recording.

The inimitability of ‘Agité’, out on 15th September via Accession Records, can be found in the liaison of three individual personalities and the exception of the composition. All tracks on the album are recorded without the thought of replication. The cello is written for Ella, the violin for Sophie. It is the expressive play of three artists giving life to the compositions and creating the special moment.

“With few words one says much. The simple is what causes the poetry of music to become manifest.”- Karl Thesing


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