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TORUL are back with a brand new single and video, titled ‘Now I Die Inside’, the second single after last year’s ‘Resonate’ and at the same time announcing the new album titled ‘End Less Dreams’, coming out 17 February 2023. ‘Now I Die Inside’ is an intimate song on deep love and an (often) bitter ending of relationships, which we have all experienced at some point.

It’s a roller coaster of real-life emotions, woven with pain, despair and regret, false hopes and a feeling a “big empty hole”, but also being aware of the reality, coming to terms with the facts and looking forward to healing and seeing some kind of light at the end of the tunnel the which helps making it through. This song has been vocally interpreted by the writer himself, Torulsson.

01. Now I Die Inside (original)
02. Now I Die Inside (Nait remix)

Source: Press Release

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