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suncrown youarenotalone
Artist: Suncrown
Title: You are not alone
Genre: Symphonic/ Power Metal
Release Date: 10th January 2014
Label: Insideout Music

Review Flash

SUNCROWN is a symphonic/ power metal band formed in 2011 by songwriter and keyboardist Oleg Biblyi (domiciled in the Ukraine) and vocalist Darren Crisp hailing from the United States. The two Brazilian musicians Gustavo Bonfá (guitar) and bassist Ederson Prado joined the band soon after the initial formation. In July 2011 SUNCROWN released their first video clip ‘Follow Your Dream’. In October 2011 SUNCROWN released a video clip in memory of Ronnie James Dio ‘Suncrown - Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover)’ with legendary drummer Vinnie Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH HEAVEN & HELL, QIET RIOT, AXEL RUDI PELL and more). Vocalist Juliana Furlani (Brazil) and drummer Tim Zuidberg (Netherlands) joined SUNCROWN two months later. In February 2012 the group recorded the video clip ‘Believe’ with two new members: American guitarist Kevin Ellerby and flute player Uğur Kerem Cemiloğlu from Turkey.

In February 2014 this multicultural band released their new LP ‘You are not alone’ and this is the point where my job begins. The opener ‘The Beginning is near’ makes it clear pretty fast, this band is not kidding when they say they play symphonic metal. The epic approach is well done and fans of NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION will feel at home pretty fast the main part is sung by Darren Crisp but Juliana Furlani backs him up well. To my shame I must admit that I really don’t dig female fronted bands or songs so this fact ruins a lot of the experience for me personally. Darren Crips has a big vocal range but his voice is a matter of taste (I like him most in the higher regions) but hey DIO’s voice is a matter of taste too I think.

Conclusion: So guys and gals if you are into symphonic metal and don`t mind opera style singing by female vocalists give them a go, technically this band sure knows what they do. I think one or two additional voices would enrich the band very much, also the keyboard sounds ulterior (crank it up to eleven) I think the next album will mark the next step, the next stage and I see great potential here.

Rating: 6 / 10

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