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bloodtsunami forfaen
Artist: Blood Tsunami
Title: For Faen
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 11th March 2013
Label: Indie Recordings

Review Flash

The thrash metal band BLOOD TSUNAMI came into existence in the year 2004 in Oslo, Norway. The band name originates from a text passage of the song ‘Drenched in Blood’ by TURBONEGRO. The band recorded the debut album ‘Thrash Metal’ in 2006 at the Lion Heart Studios in Oslo; it was released over Nocturnal Art Productions and Candlelight Records in 2007. Right after the release the band had hit the road for a tour with ZYKLON, DEAD BEYOND BURIED, EVILE and SATYRICON. The following album was recorded in 2008, the release of ‘Grand Feast for Vultures’ happened in 2009. The record I’m listening to right now came out in March 2013. The thrash played by BLOOD TSUNAMI is untamed, wild and definitely not for the faint of heart, other bands play MANOWAR kills… yeah that may be right but BLOOD TSUNAMI don`t kill, they slaughter and cut you to pieces. This bands aggression is serious business (a bit alarming too) I don`t know if I would want to visit a gig of them or interview them face to face (vocalist Peter Vegem sounds as if he has a serious case of rabies, in that case he may bite).

Conclusion: If you are a hard core thrash fan and like the feeling of being hit in the teeth with a car (on fire) you might like BLOOD TSUNAMI… I appreciate their savagery but I miss melodies (same old, same old) if you just wanna bang your head it`s okay but not melodic enough to really dig it…

Rating: 6 / 10

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