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Artist: Dead Lord
Title: Heads Held High
Genre: Retro Hard Rock
Release Date: 21st August 2015
Label: Century Media Records

Review Flash

DEAD LORD was assembled in 2012 by singer and guitar player Hakim Krim (ex THE SCAMS) together with drummer Adam Lindmark of the band MORBUS CHRON. They jammed two times and began searching for two musicians to complete the band. Because Krim could not find the desired members in Växjö, he and Lindmark decided to move to Stockholm an proceed to search there. At last they completed the band with second guitarist Olle Hedenström and ENFORCER bass beast Tobias Lindkvist. DEAD LORD play rock music like it was played in the golden days of THIN LIZZY, hell they even sound much like that legendary Irish band. Like the first output ‘Goodbye Repentance’, ‘Heads Held High’ is a homage and a tribute to the olden days of rock and roll.

Conclusion: Hakim Krim is a vocalist that has a unique voice, if you like it or not depends on your taste but I can honestly say that this band rocks the stage (have seen them twice) and they are able to transport that energy to the record.

Rating: 7 / 10

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