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marsheaux inhale
Artist: Marsheaux
Title: Inhale
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 3rd November 2014
Label: Undo Records

Review Flash

Synth-Electro Pop made right summoning MORRISSEY's mix of upbeat with dark lyrics. This is the definition of Greek electro-pop duo MARSHEAUX’ 7th album ‘Inhale’. A landscape of synth-based electronic sounds that will embrace your ears in lovely and upbeat harmonies until you pay attention to the words… Each track is a continuation of the previous one. Inhale is a cyclic album that absorbs our emotional side, and triggers our reptilian brain prompting us to move. Earworms are many, yet impossible to pin down.

The sound of MARSHEAUX thrives in bright delight. Naiveté is not the right word to describe their sound, since these Greek musicians know their craft inside out. Yet, when approaching the sensations triggered through this beautiful piece of work, is definitely the naivety from our childhood, the quaint and almost bucolic landscapes of a child's imagination that are summoned. And who says that in childhood everything was bright and happy? This is where we remember MORRISSEY's formula. Mainly bright melodies with quite obscure lyrics (think Every day is like Sunday…). Something similar applies to MARSHEAUX´ ‘Inhale’. Providing a spectrum that goes from happiness to melancholia, delight to nostalgia… it's all about there, in the words.

Conclusion: This is a sweet album to bright your days and fool you when you thought everything was just bright... An odd sensation… like everyday life where monsters lurk at every corner even under the sun…

Rating: 8 /10

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