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loewenhertz echtzeit
Artist: Loewenhertz
Title: Echtzeit
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th March 2017
Label: Echozone

Review Flash

With ‘Echtzeit’ comes already the 2nd album from LOEWENHERTZ. Some of you maybe know them from earlier days as L’ IMAGE. This band was formed in Augsburg/ Germany and consists of Andi and Alex (vocals). They mix German with English speaking songs. These guys are my secret hint for all Synth Pop lovers out there. Great vocals great sounds. Even though I prefer the English tracks, the German songs are good too. My favourite songs from ‘Echtzeit’ are’ Unsichtbar’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Winter Falls’ and ‘Spiritual Healing’. On June the 8th, 2018 they release their brand new single ’Golden’ which is an absolute great song!

Conclusion: LOEWENHERTZ is a band you should bookmark if you like Synth Pop with great vocals!

Rating: 9 / 10

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