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03 mesh07Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
30th April 2017
Mesh, Empathy Test & LoewenHertz

MESH´s 2016 album ‘Looking Skyward’ was a great success and so they are on tour for the second time with this fantastic album; “Touring Skyward” had its kick-off in Madrid and now having some dates in Germany, amongst them a show in Hamburg. On the last leg of “Touring Skyward”, the band is supported by EMPATHY TEST, who are well known already in the alternative/ gothic scene, and the not so well known LOEWENHERTZ.


LOEWENHERTZ consists of two very likeable boys from Augsburg, Germany. Their songs are poppy with charismatic electro-sounds. The lyrics are in German and English. Jose-Alvarez Brill produced the first LP ‘Irgendwo in Deutschland’. There are some parallels to WOLFSHEIM of course as the producer Jose works for WOLFSHEIM / HEPPNER and WITT, too.

Music & Performance
LOEWENHERTZ began playing at 6 p.m. Oh yes, this was early in the evening. Too early for most of the people. The sound was a little bit shitty. After the show, I heard that the sound check for the support acts was only five minutes each because the technical people of MESH needed the rest of the time for building the construction for the cameras since MESH’s Hamburg show was recorded for a DVD production. I can't understand why because with only so little preparation the support acts haven´t had the chance to present themselves the best way possible. That´s not fair at all. The light show was great and Andy and Alex made a decent job on stage. I hope we see us again but with a better sound next time.

01 loewenhertz02

01. Winter Falls
02. Wer sind wir
03. Thunder
04. Fly with me
05. Gemeinsame Zeiten
06. Endlose Räume
07. Irgendwann
08. Unsichtbar

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Light: 8
Sound: 6
Total: 7 / 10

Empathy Test

The quite young band from London, UK, was founded in 2013 by Isaac Howlett (vocals) and Adam Relf (production). Unsigned yet, the Electronic Pop duo has already produced three critically acclaimed EPs and thus gathered a growing fan base worldwide. Its music has been featured by the like of MTV's Catfish, XFM, KCRW, BBC Introducing, Clash, Idolator, Earmilk, PopMatters. The duo has already performed at festivals like the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany and the Riba Rocks Festival in Spain and now they also busily touring in Europe, apart from its own concerts, alongside MESH and AESTHETIC PERFECTION. As an independent and unsigned band the launch of the first album ‘Safe from harm’ is planned on the 23rd June 2017 via PledgeMusic. Please support these talented guys! /

02 empathytest02

Music & Performance
For the live show, Isaac had Christina Lopez on E-drums on board and Jacob Ferguson Lobo (keyboards) and Sam Winter-Quick: Already after the first song, ‘Kirrilee’, you could clearly see how happy the guys were to perform here on this evening. The band performed a nice set of Synth Pop songs that were well received. The B-side of the new single ‘Vampire town’ and the single itself ‘Bare my soul’ have been introduced and the crowd had been fallen in love with it immediately. Congratulation guys. Unfortunately, EMPATHY TEST had the same problem as their precursor, LOEWENHERTZ, the sound was shitty. And the reason was, that the it was too late for the sound check because of the said problems with MESH’s preparations for the live recording of their show. After the concert, I had spoken to some guys in the venue and some of them told me that they had been there for EMPATHY TEST only. This is fucking crazy.

01. Kirrilee
02. Last Night on Earth
03. Seeing Stars
04. Holding On
05. Vampire Town
06. Bare My Soul
07. Losing Touch
08. Demons
09. Here is the Place

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 6
Light: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


For 25 years, the British Synth Pop/ Synth Rock band from Bristol delights the fans of this musical genre with catchy melodies and smart lyrics. While in their home country woefully ignored the guys have a steadily growing fan base in other countries in continental Europe and especially in Germany. Founded by the threesome of Richard Silverthorn, Neil Taylor and Mark Hockings, the band reduced in 2006 to a duo as Neil left the band for personal reasons. While Mark writes the lyrics, Richard does the song writing and composing. For live shows, they are supported by Sean Suleman on drums and Lord Richard Broadhead on keyboards and backing vocals. /

03 mesh01

Music & Performance
During the stage rebuilding that didn’t took long the audience could took a first glimpse of the stage setting that consisted, apart from the instruments, off a big screen in the background and four square LED screens hanging off-centre. With the beginning of the show, the big screen began to play videos and a voice from the back started playing. The band came on stage welcomed with a big applause and loud screams from the masses. In high spirits, they started the show and had the audience going right from the first tunes. Most of the audience knew the lyrics by heart so they all sang and danced along. The whole show was topped by a great light show, videos on the big screen and special effects on the small screens. For one song Mark came to the single mic at the FOH and made an awesome appearance there in singing and performing. So, the tradition that even the people in the last row can be near to their star! This was my 3rd Mesh concert and every time was magical.

03 mesh02

The special of this show was the recording of a DVD. So many cams all around, so much concentration by the musicians and so many technicians around the stage. One could fear that the atmosphere may have had suffered by all this but that wasn´t the case. Everything was fine. Mesh are professional musicians. This DVD will be great.

01. Intro Iris (ext)
02. Kill Your Darlings
03. My Protector
04. Circles
05. You Didn't Want Me
06. Tactile
07. Once Surrounded
08. The Fixer
09. Two+1
10. Too Little Too Late
11. Runway
12. I Fall Over
13. Little Missile
14. Leave You Nothing
15. The Last One Standing
16. Confined
17. The Traps We Made
18. Just Leave Us Alone
19. Taken for Granted
20. There Must Be a Way
21. Born to Lie
22. Before This World Ends

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9.5 / 10

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