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vogonpoetry lifetheuniverseandeverything
Artist: Vogon Poetry
Title: Life, the Universe and Everything
Genre: SciFi / Electro Pop
Release Date: April 20th 2018
Label: Audite Records

Review Flash

‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ is the third album by VOGON POETRY. First of all, I was very surprised in a positive way. That sound is fully what I expected from description “SciFi / Electro Pop”, especially when it comes from Sweden. John Andersson has a great voice and the music is absolutely danceable. All in all, it fits very well together. Here are my listening tips: ‘Dangers of Space’, ‘In Space No One Can Hear You Scream’, ‘The Heart of Gold’ and ‘Spacewalk’.

Conclusion: People who love bands like S.P.O.C.K. will enjoy VOGON POETRY a lot.

Rating: 8/ 10

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