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mastodon colddarkplace
Artist: Mastodon
Title: Cold Dark Place
Genre: Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock
Release Date: 22nd September 2017
Label: Reprise Records

Review Flash

The year 2017 sees two MASTODON releases although the second, the 4-track EP ‘Cold Dark Place’, raises discussions on how well it fits into the heavy metal band’s portfolio. ‘Cold Dark Place’ cannot be compared to MASTODON’s latest full-length, the heavily acclaimed ‘Emperor of Sand’, or earlier releases like ‘The Hunter’. ‘Cold Dark Place’ fascinates most of all with different atmospheric layers of progressive rock and the sheer beauty of Brent Hinds’ voice. The opener ‘North Side Star’ feels almost dreamlike with its hypnotizing vocals and the slowly accelerating pace. ‘Blue Walsh’ and ‘Toe to Toes’ are much heavier but even here, southern and progressive rock elements dominate. The EP concludes with the dark title track ‘Cold Dark Place’ that transpires utter desperation and devastation. In this song, Brent Hinds takes us to that place we probably all have been to before and never want to return to, heartbroken and lost.

Conclusion: ‘Cold Dark Place’ is an atmospheric, progressive, guitar-driven EP that further outlines the diversity of MASTODON and reveres Brent Hinds’ enormous talent both as guitarist and singer.

Rating: 8 / 10

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