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grimreaper atthegates
Artist: Grim Reaper
Title: At the Gates
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 13th September 2019
Label: Plastic Head

Review Flash

Steve Grimmet’s GRIM REAPER is back. After being hospitalized because of a severe infection in his right leg and the legs amputation many thought his career might be over but Grimmet fought his way back into life and back on stage. He plays shows with an artificial leg now and man, he is damn near his best nowadays. I just needed 2 minutes to realize the class of ‘At the Gates’, Grimmet’s voice is powerful and agile, he sound rough, his high notes kick ass and I am constantly reminded of Graham Bonnett (which I love). Ian Nash on guitars is a fucking revelation, bass-man Mart Trail and drummer Paul White complete this piece of art. To be honest I learned about GRIM REAPER reading my favourite metal magazine (offline) and that got me hooked, their music is only a part of the facts that impressed me, read about them and listen to their stuff NOW. I detect bits of blues here and there in this heavy rock gospel and overall Grimmet’s voice and the excellent musicality of everyone involved just really moves me. Check out ‘Rush’ – it’s a beast of a song!

Conclusion: For every fan of RAINBOW with Graham Bonnett, ANGELWITCH and PRAYING MANTIS

Rating: 9 / 10

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