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diiminores bloodofthedead
Artist: Dii Minores
Title: Blood Of The Dead EP
Genre: Deathened Classic Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15th November 2019
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Greetings Mörtals, once again I will start a cite-fest first before I unleash my thoughts and feelings upon the inter-webs. “DII MINORES is a Swedish Heavy Metal band that was established in 2003 and remained active through 2006, before going on hiatus that would last up until the end of 2018. The band started playing again, with an almost intact line-up. Joined by a new lead guitarist in the beginning of 2019, DII MINORES has released an EP and are now producing material for a full length album to be released during 2020.”

This one is hard... the band has its strong moments when vocalist Larsson and the rest of the band are on target and act in unison but there are moments this ain’t the case and the only reason why I am annoyed by this is that I know that the skills of the individual artists surpass the outcome by far. Larsson has a nice voice and in the well-timed moments this is good stuff. Sjöblom’s harsh vocals that try to aid and sometimes contradict Larsson’s don’t help the case because of its sparse inset.

Conclusion: With better timing and a vocal improvement this is a band with potential but changes are essential if they want to survive the waves of good bands that hit the shelves every month.

Rating: 6 / 10

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