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steelwings back
Artist: Steelwings
Title: Back
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 26th February 2019
Label: Sliptrick Records

Review Flash

Sometimes I get asked I f I wanna listen to a record and review it, it is nice because I really dig music (in case you were wondering). And now it gets old-school, as almost always here is what the press text has to say: “STEELWINGS hail from Sweden and play classic hard rock/heavy metal with roots firmly from the 80’s. They were formed in 1982 and were part of the FWOSHM (First Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal) being very active throughout the 80’s and at the beginning of the 90’s. The band played a lot of gigs during this time and much of their material was recorded and released in different forms. This was the time before the Internet, so the music was spread by tape-trading. In 1983 the band went to England and recorded two songs for Ebony Records and the song “Live Your Life” is featured on their Metal Plated compilation album”

So after listening to the new material (I got no old stuff to cross-reference) I get the feeling that fans of SAXON will go crazy for this, Söderström’s voice really reminds me of Biff’s and the songs are mostly unhurried or mid-tempo. Now the drawback: I am not a big fan of SAXON so it’s not my cup of tea (at the moment I really dig epic stuff with low-fi productions) but these guys know their craft and every NWOBHM fan should listen to these guys no matter if they are swedes instead of Brits.

Conclusion: Well-made old-school Metal, very clean produced and well balanced sound-wise. Check it out

Rating: 7 / 10

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