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myinnercircle echoofhearts
Artist: My Inner Circle
Title: Echo Of Hearts
Genre: Melodic Metal
Release Date: 3rd May  2019
Label: LCC Music

Review Flash

The next band is named MY INNER CIRCLE, formed in 2016 in Potsdam, Germany and they play Melodic Metal with male and female vocals. The five-piece mix Power Metal, Metalcore, Alternative and Symphonic Metal. Instrumentally this is really solid but the vocals of both Norbert and Lea sound uninspired and lack emotion, the whole fairy-tale background mixed with Metalcore riffs surely hits home if you are a fan of those (if you are a grumpy old geezer like me that likes old-school metal and is not a big fan of symphonic metal or female vocals at all it becomes a bit complex). I can state one thing: the production is well made and I am sure there is an audience for this kind of music but it is not for me as I love stuff like MANOWAR, METALLICA and other bands that express their anger and machismo in a unique way, MY INNER CIRCLE will sell a million tickets at a goth festival but most of my readers and fans of the genres I usually review will have their problems with this I guess.

Conclusion: If you like NIGHTWISH or Symphonic Metal in general you might dig this, if you love stuff like SLAYER this won’t please you.

Rating: 5 / 10

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