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thekillerhertz innocentsinners
Artist: The KillerHertz
Title: Innocent Sinners
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29th May 2020
Label: NoiseGate Records

Review Flash

Thursday night’s alright to party, today: THE KILLERHERTZ! Let’s check the press text: “THE KILLERHERTZ is a Danish Hard Rock band from a small town near Copenhagen called Kastrup. The band was formed in early 2011 by childhood friends Thomas Trold (vocals / guitar) and Kent KillerHertz (drums). Together with Jonas Roxx (lead guitar) and Jakob Nielsen (bass), their harmonious guitars, tight beats and catchy choruses creates a melodious style. The lyrics are based on personal experiences and express the multifaceted aspects of life, addressing issues such as crisis and broken relationships, which most people can relate to. Their main inspiration stem from the 80s and 90s Heavy Metal scene, such as METALLICA and MEGADETH, combined with a more modern rock approach and a touch from the Danish rock-scene.”

THE KILLERHERTZ play a catchy kind of modern Rock music, vocalist Trold has a nice and warm voice and the instrumental parts are played like you would expect from a band that has the will to make it to the top but I really cannot make out any METALLICA or MEGADETH vibe (two Thrash bands that are legendary for being pioneers in their own genre). This is by no means a bad band or a bad sound to speak of but compared to those bands it’s a bit tame.

Conclusion: I would not be surprised to hear these guys on a big radio station in the future check them out!

Rating: 7 / 10


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