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dreamlord disciplesofwar
Artist: Dreamlord
Title: Disciples Of War
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 20th December 2019
Label: No Remorse Records

Review Flash

And another Greek piece of steel, tonight I present: DREAMLORD! Filigree played Thrash with rough vocals, melodic yet a profound punch in the teeth. Or as the band puts it: “DREAMLORD was originally created in 1995. After a series of concerts and demos in the 90s, followed in 2007, the release of a mini-CD and live series. After four years of inactivity, due to professional and personal commitments, the band reunited in 2011, and the band line-up was finalized in 2013. In September 2019, DREAMLORD signed a contract with No Remorse Records, and in November of that year, they opened the ANNIHILATOR concert in Athens. In December 2019, the band released its ‘Disciples of War’ debut and is ready to present its material to the general public.”

Wow, I’d have loved to see them opening for ANNIHILATOR, that’s what I call a double kill! The styles of both bands differ though, ANNIHILATOR is a Heavy Metal shred-fest deluxe and I think Jeff Walters might just be one of the best guitar players of the world (ultra-tight, precise, aggressive and hilariously skilled) but DREAMLORD’s six-string squad is pretty good too. These guys play to kill, very riff dominated and 80s influenced Thrash, melodic as fuck and taking no prisoners. I really dig the title song ‘Disciples of War’ as it shows the skills of every artist involved (the bass is audible even with two guitars at work and the drums sound pretty old-school). ‘Humanity Enslaved’ is a typical old-school thrash song: criticizing the society, governments etc. but with a nice MEGADETH touch to the lyrics and overall compositions. All in all, I recommend this to every thrasher out there.

Conclusion: If you like the great old ones of thrash (METALLICA, ANTHRAX etc) check this out

Rating: 7 / 10

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