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hotzone covignorant
Artist: Hot Zone
Title: COVIgnorant
Genre: Crossover / Thrash Metal
Release Date: 26th May 2020
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Most bands that want to stay anonymous want to be mysterious or edgy, HOT ZONE keep it that way because they know their lyrics will piss people off quite a lot (I can dig that). To put it in the words of the band itself: “We are NYC, NJ, Philly area. Basically this is an escape for us... we have good jobs, families, and our singer wrote some ignorant lyrics that we don’t personally want to be associated with, haha. So, our singer goes by the name Cannonball, guitarist Wayne Shredzky, and Bassist Poppa Woody. We consider our sound to be MUNICIPAL WASTE meets BODY COUNT. We’ve been playing in various bands together for a couple decades. Just 3 friends trying to have fun and write some thrash. Thanks again!” Well... yup the comparison is pretty much spot on to be honest. Cannonball sounds pretty pissed and the spoken word style has an ICE T / BODY COUNT feel to it that really vibes with me. Wayne’s surname Shredzky is also fitting like a glove (not you O.J!) and while I am at it: the drums are killer too! The guys really know how to throw a proper tantrum musically spoken.

Conclusion: Check out ‘There goes the Neighbourhood’, it’s a banger!

Rating: 7 / 10

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