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madmax stormchildrising
Artist: Mad Max
Title: Stormchild Rising
Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Release Date: 21st August 2020
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Review Flash

Muenster, Germany’s MAD MAX is no hot news to Metal heads worldwide, not because these guys lack talent, loads of songs or talent but because they just are not that well known for a band that formed in 1982 and just released their 14th LP. In my years of listening, rocking out and writing about music I got acquainted with a lot of great bands that fell through the cracks of stardom and never made it big (or not as big as I think they deserve). MAD MAX is one of those bands, full of heart, soul, talent and skill. ‘Stormchild Rising’ is the band’s 14th output and it is a banger in my book. The band was even on hiatus between ‘89 and ‘99 and still managed to release a shitload of cool stuff. Vocalist Michael Voss worked his ass of over the last 40 years, singing in 12 bands over the course of time (his voice is pretty 80s Rock’n’Roll, a bit rough but able to still hit a few nice high range spots). The guys still got it: nice hooks, refrains and melodies make this worth your time and money.

Conclusion: If you like your music old-fashioned and your drinks ice cold check this out!

Rating: 8 / 10

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