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risingfall arisefromtheashes
Artist: Risingfall
Title: Arise From The Ashes - The EP & Singles Collection 2016-2019
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 4th September 2020
Label: Golden Core Records

Review Flash

Metal from Japan always has the over the top approach, Heavy Metal over-acting so to speak. RISINGFALL are exactly that: over the top, hectic, high screams and the ultimate Heavy Metal spirit worshipping lyrics and song names like ‘Cry for the Steel’ or ‘Kill by Wheels’. The Heavy Metal four-piece was assembled in 2014. ‘Arise from the Ashes’ is the band’s second compilation to date. Most Japanese acts are still somewhat exotic to the rest of the world, for some it is even a quality standard. Me? I stand in between these two fronts, I don’t consider it as very exotic (aside from the songs in Japanese because I don’t understand the language) or as very good either. Ok, the guys can play and they know their Heavy Metal basics but I don’t like overacting and I am easily stressed out by hectic music and over the top vocals. If this floats your boat and you like the punk inspired parts of the NWOBHM you might dig RISINGFALL. The vocals are the weak link for me here.

Conclusion: If you like it raw, fast and a bit hectic you will dig this.

Rating: 6 / 10

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