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sithlord fromoutofthedarkness
Artist: Sithlord
Title: From out of the Darkness
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 28th October 2019
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Sometimes things fall into place perfectly, a Thrash band whose lyrical themes are mostly about Star Wars? Count me the fuck in! The name is SITHLORD and they rip! Musically these guys remind me a bit of OVERKILL, KREATOR and even a bit of way old SLAYER. But check out what these imperial villains have to say themselves: “Hailing from the Imperial stronghold of Melbourne, Australia, SITHLORD combine old school Euro style thrash with sci fi and otherworldly lyrics to create a universe of their own. With equal nods to Star Wars, other space operas and action classics, SITHLORD attack with lightsabre precision and Death Star like heaviness. After being marooned for 14 years on a distant outpost, the band has been rescued by the Empire and have re-grouped and re-supplied. Now, the Emperor has overseen the construction of a new weapon... a warcraft in the shape of ‘From Out Of The Darkness.’ May the Dark side of the Force be with you always &... Thrash ‘til Death!” As far as I am able to verify it, this new weapon of Thrash Destruction is quite efficient. The unit is controlled by Darth Saundies and his apprentices Rojo (Bassgun), Mountney (Battery) and Willis (Laserriffs) and is deemed very dangerous as they are notorious for ripping your head of (they are very professional when it comes to the use of their chosen weapons).

Conclusion: If you dig aggressive thrash that aims for the throat you ought to check this out!

Rating: 7 / 10

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