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sacredoutcry damnedforalltime
Artist: Sacred Outcry
Title: Damned for all Time
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: No Remorse Records

Review Flash

Another example that the Metal Archives are not perfect when trying to extract information: No entry for SACRED OUTCRY! But hey! There seems to be a good explanation for this: the band was formed in 1998 but never managed to finish their debut full-length. So, this is, finally, the long awaited first LP of SACRED OUTCRY. When researching via Bandcamp you see that vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos (BEAST IN BLACK) is mentioned as special guest and that seems to imply, he ain't part of the normal line-up. So, with a popular and versatile vocalist, the fire burns anew and SACRED OUTCRY finally give us ‘Damned for all Time’. Sound wise we talk about Power Metal of European imprint, very epic and highly melodic compositions like ‘Farewell’ that crosses the finishing line with 7:33 and is, in parts, a song that massively worships MANOWAR (Papadopoulos really surprises me on this record after BEAST IN BLACK was far away from being my cup of tea). For me the song ‘Damned for all Time’ with its 14:30 minutes comes out on top, epic and brilliantly played wide screen cinema.

Conclusion: Check this out if you love Power Metal with an epic touch to it.

Rating: 7 / 10

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