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ritualearth MMXX
Artist: Ritual Earth
Title: MMXX
Genre: Stoner Rock / Doom Metal
Release Date: 20th September 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

RITUAL EARTH is a band that is “Emerging from the darkness of a collapsing nebula” which seems to be slang for being a kick ass Stoner / Doom band from Philadelphia. RITUAL EARTH were formed in 2018 and ‘MMXX’ is their full-length debut. Although there is no information as to what these guys sing about on their songs, song-titles like: ‘Solar Ecstasy’, ‘Distress Signal’ and ‘Escape Velocity’ strongly suggest sci-fi as their main lyrical scope. Why the fuck not? If you think hard you realize that a barren planet like Mars is the ultimate embodiment of Desert Rock / Stoner Rock (because it is a desert like planet) and the loneliness on that celestial body is the epitome of all that is Doom. So space is a pretty good idea to lean to when it comes to a mixture of those styles. The range of moods on this record varies from chilled out, psychedelic, overlong instrumentals to KYUSS memorials in audible form. Chamberlin does a great job on the microphone, reminding me of John Garcia in one moment and Robert Plant in the next (‘Ascension Dimension’). The two Chris in the band (Scott on bass and Turek on drums) perfectly timber the frame for Chamberlin and six-string sorcerer Steve Mensick. Chris Scott bass is mixed perfectly into the nicely balanced compositions at any given moment. I really dig the structural position of the drums, ever present but never dominating the fragile yet enchanting narrative.

Conclusion: If you dig the idea of LED ZEPPELIN having a love-child with KYUSS you should definitely check out RITUAL EARTH.

Rating: 8 / 10

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