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peculiarthree leapoffaith
Artist: Peculiar Three
Title: Leap Of Faith
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Release Date: 13th April 2020
Label: self-released

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And, once again, I am listening to heavy music from the land of the ancient Olympian Gods, Titans and Herculean Tasks. PECULIAR THREE was formed in 2014 which means compared to Rock’n’Roll history these guys are babies, which is great because they already play very well and their skill and talent is unmistakable. PECULIAR THREE play some kind of Epic Progressive Rock bordering on Heavy Metal. Every fan of Epic Melodies and lyrics should check out ‘Caliban’s End’ this is a great ballad which is based on Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’. All in all, the lyrics are what makes PECULIAR THREE so special, well thought out and sung by a passionate yet perfectly unperfect Valantis Dafkos (who kills it on the bass at the same time). The second great maker of melodies is Panos Karkanas on six string duty, if not for riffing but for playing highly melodic thus narrating together with Valantis. Last but not least comes drummer Paris Gatsios who does an excellent job keeping this structure together while handling the steering wheel and keeping the pace for everyone involved.

Conclusion: Check these guys out if you dig progressive stuff and deep lyrics.

Rating: 8 / 10

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