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10code ride
Artist: 10 Code
Title: Ride
Genre: Alternative / Stoner / Grunge
Release Date: 18th November 2020
Label: self-released

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He / She who thinks the Greek people only dwell in classic Heavy Music and Power Metal are proven wrong before the mighty riffs and 90s Grunge aesthetic of 10 CODE. Riffs as dry as a KYUSS desert session with vocals that could be called magnetic to monsters and make you feel like a ‘Space Lord’ gazing into a ‘Black Hole Sun’... Back to my serious face! 10 CODE definitely know what they do and what they do is in big parts worshipping their idols and influences and guess what? That is more than ok and it is executed extremely well. Petros on vocals is a nice fit for the 90s centred sound and his mates hold the stage together for his narrative. George’s Bass is audible which is fucking nice and a proof for the bands skills when it comes to producing and mixing (most bands with two guitars don’t manage this). If you still listen to the heroes of the olden days you should give this a shot.

Conclusion: Well-made Stoner stuff with bits and pieces of Grunge. Light a fatty, sit down and chill with 10 CODE.

Rating: 8 / 10

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