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demonik ashesoftheearth
Artist: Demonik
Title: Ashes Of The Earth
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 30th January 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

Aaaaand strike number two! I am back with Madridian menace DEMONIK and their 2020 release ‘Ashes Of The Earth’! And what can I say? These guys are still vicious as fuck, playing and slaying like with their predecessor ‘Demon’. Where ‘Demon’ was a reimagined and improvement of their former sound, ‘Ashes Of The Earth’ showcases their skills and dedication to heavy music. If anything did change it is maybe that DEMONIK sound even more angry than the first time around and maybe a bit more critical when it comes to social structures (see ‘My Wrath’, ‘Bullets of Hate’ or ‘Cult to War’). David Alarcia’s vocals still amaze every old-school fan of Thrash Metal as the similarities between his voice and some of the big fours finest is definitely still a big selling point if you ask me. One of the most hard-hitting tunes on this one has to be ‘Codex’ because it is rough and definitely a Thrash Metal tune but it is quite melodic and almost catchy. My personal favourite is clearly ‘Codex’ because of its melodic approach to the material (the band is clearly in top notch mood on this record).

Conclusion: If you dig the big four style Thrash Metal with a passionate and quite aggressive extra, you will dig this.

Rating: 8 / 10

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