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castellica momentofglory
Artist: Castellica
Title: Moments of Glory
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 5th February 2021
Label: Hell Yeah Music Company

Review Flash

CASTELLICA hail from Paraguaçu Paulista, São Paulo in Brazil and once again I wonder why there are so many top notch bands never to be heard of in Germany. CASTELLICA is a good example for this kind of madness. Formed in São Paulo in 2011, these five guys play a rather US Metal inspired variety of heavy music, if you listen closely you also detect heavy undertones of European Power Metal which is a fusion that packs a mean punch when it comes to hyperbolic vocals. What I try to say is: this is highly melodic while still maintaining a fierce rawness and that really pushes all the right buttons. Thiago Colavite is a very versatile vocalist that is capable of hitting the high notes as well as the rough ones, his voice is rich and powerful. Danilo and Lucas Colavite share six-string duty and every riff and hook is exactly where it belongs, hitting hard and precise. The drums played by Cláudio Caldeirão are the beating heart of the arrangement and Marco Dower’s bass is a manifestation of that very heart’s pulse. This record is catchy, nicely arranged and passionately executed. Gentlemen I praise thee and it is well deserved!

Conclusion: There are HELLOWEEN moments and even similarities to some stuff of RIOT, if you dig this you have to support these guys!

Rating: 9 / 10

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